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Train derailment sparks chemical fire, residents evacuated in Lilburn, Georgia, USA

Chemical Explosion Alert

Authorities responded to the scene of a “major” train derailment in Lilburn along the CSX line early Sunday morning.

Drone video revealed the crisscrossed mess authorities will spend the next few days untangling after a washed-out track derailed at least a dozen CSX cars and locomotives.

A conductor and engineer were inside but able to free themselves from the wreckage and walk to a nearby command post, where they were taken to a nearby hospital, according to a CSX spokesperson.

Authorities told FOX 5’s Emilie Ikeda most of the derailed cars were in the front sections, falling down the embankment between Camp Creek and Harmony Grove Road.

The crash spilled material around 1:45 a.m., fueling what Gwinnett County Fire officials are calling a chemical fire with potentially hazardous material.

The resulting pinkish-orange plume of smoke was the main cause for concern. Lilburn police went door-to-door, evacuating about a square-mile swath of residents, largely in the cul-de-sacs of Bailey Drive and Jon Jeff Drive.

CSX blamed the severe rain and flash flooding conditions in the area for the derailment.

The crash happened along a river, swollen by the remnants of Delta.

Authorities would not specify the cause of the distinct smell in the air, but local officials said atmospheric testing was showing safe levels, allowing residents to re-enter their homes around 5:45 a.m.

The incident impacted the line from Main Street in Lilburn to Harmony Grove Road.

Drivers traveling between the Main Street and Rockbridge Road areas should expect delays throughout Sunday, police are asking the area to be avoided if possible.

In a Facebook post, the Lilburn police department said Greenway Trail between Main Street and Harmony Grove is expected to be closed for the next few days.

State and federal water management personnel will be examining the impact of any runoff.

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48 TONS of fish die in a lake in Dong Thap, Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert

On October 7, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Van Vu Quoc Khuong, Chief of Police Tan Hong (Dong Thap), said that Tan Hong Police are directing functional units to investigate and clarify the case of more than 48 tons of fish. Check seed Nguyen Thi Bich Dung’s (51 years old, live P.An Thanh, TX.Hong Ngu, Dong Thap) in Tan Phuoc culture (H.Tan Hong) dead white pond just before sale.

Initially, in the early morning of October 3, when Ms. Dung’s family checked 3 pangasius breeding ponds, dozen fire found that all fish in the pond died of unknown cause.

Ms. Dung’s family went to the Tan Phuoc Commune Police to report the incident.

Talking to PV Thanh Nien , Ms. Dung said: “My family has nearly 20 years raising catfish breeds. My experience is that if a fish dies from a disease, it will not die so quickly and in a pond. I suspect that someone was harmed, so I reported it to the police ”.

According to Ms. Dung, normally catfish breeds for 4-5 months will be sold to growers. However, due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic , the pangasius industry was in difficulty , so her family had anchored fingerlings until 13 months before there were buyers.

The agreement is that by the morning of March 3, fish will be weighed. But before they could sell fish in the morning of the same day, Ms. Dung’s family discovered that all fish in the pond were dead. Instead of selling to traders for 18,000 VND / kg, Ms. Dung had to sell dead fish as bait for catfish, only 3,000 VND / kg.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Dung said: “Only calculating the money for raising fish, my estimated loss of property is nearly 900 million dong. I hope the authorities investigate to clarify the case “.

Talking to PV Thanh Nien , Senior Lieutenant Colonel Van Vu Quoc Khuong, said: “Commune police have come to verify according to family reports about the death of fish. On the morning of June 6, Ms. Dung’s family filed a request for the police to join. We have sent people to take samples of water and fish samples to analyze and investigate to clarify the case ”.

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Thousands of dead octopuses, starfish and other marine life wash up in Kamchatka, Russia

Starfish Alert

Thousands of dead octopuses, starfish and other sea creatures have recently washed up on the shores of the remote Russian peninsula of Kamchatka. The normally pristine waters surrounding Kamchatka have become discolored and developed an odd smell, say locals. Surfers say the water is mildly burning their eyes.

It turns out an unidentified pollution event may have spilled a slew of toxic chemicals into the water, according to recent news reports.

After reports from surfers and locals surfaced, divers confirmed a widespread mass die-off, and Greenpeace Russia called it an “ecological disaster,” according to The Guardian. Widely circulated photos and videos of the dead creatures sparked outcry from the public and speculation from local news outlets as to what could have caused it, CBS News reported.

The pollution seems to have badly hit the sea creatures that live at the bottom of the seafloor, wiping out as many as 95% of them in Kamchatka’s Avacha Bay, Ivan Usatov, a researcher at the Kronotsky Reserve and the Pacific Institute of Geography Kamchatka Gov. Vladimir Solodov, according to the Kamchatka government website. Usatov and other researchers studied the area around Avacha Bay by taking samples and diving to the sea-floor. “Some large fish, shrimps, crabs have survived, but in very small numbers,” Usatov said. But “the condition of marine mammals and birds is normal. On the shore, we also did not find any emissions of large dead sea animals, birds.”

It’s likely that this event severely disrupted the food chain as the animals that feed on those bottom-dwelling creatures will also die, the researchers said.

Last week, officials blamed the scores of dead animals on stormy weather. But a recent analysis of water samples revealed that it was contaminated with a number of potentially dangerous substances. The samples contained petroleum products, some of which were at levels that were four times above normal, Aleksei Kumarkov, the region’s acting Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology said, according to CBS News.

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Hundreds of fish appear dead on the banks of Barrocal Dam in Évora, Portugal

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of fish appeared dead on the banks of Barrocal do Barrocal, in the municipality of Évora.

Speaking to TVI, a couple who live a few meters from the place say they have never seen “anything like it”. The couple also says that this year an olive grove was placed in the vicinity of the dam and they add that “there are those who say that the cause of the fish’s death is the chemicals used in that olive grove”.

The vast majority of dead fish are carp. TVI stresses that the smell in that place is nauseating and keeps away those who previously strolled along the banks of that reservoir. In the couple’s opinion, the waters of Barrocal Dam should be analyzed, so that the causes of the death of hundreds of fish can be known.

TVI also adds that the GNR protection and nature service has already been on site and is trying to understand what happened.

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Thousands of dead fish appear in Malpaso dam in Chiapas, Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

Dead fish appear in the waters of the Malpaso dam, some fishermen point out that the mortality may be due to high levels of sulfur.

People who are dedicated to fishing in the Francisco Villa community, told this publishing house to see bodies of these marine beings floating in the waters, and add that everything seems to be the result of a pollutant.

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330,000 birds killed due to bird flu in Kazakhstan

Bird Flu

Some 330,000 birds on poultry farms have been killed in Kazakhstan due to highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu in seven regions of the country, the Ministry of Agriculture announced on Thursday.

More than 1.7 million birds have been vaccinated in 424 rural districts in Kazakhstan, the ministry said, adding that 7.7 million doses of vaccines have been distributed to regions affected by bird flu.

Due to strict quarantine measures, the outbreak of bird flu was relatively contained in the regions of Turkestan, Zhambyl, Aktobe and Karaganda, as well as in the city of Shymkent, according to the ministry.

The northern Kazakhstan region, which borders Russia, reported the country’s first outbreak of bird flu in early September.

Previously, Kazakhstan’s agriculture ministry said wild birds from Russia, where cases of bird flu were detected in August in the Omsk and Chelyabinsk regions, could transmit the virus to Kazakhstan.

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10 dead turtles found washed up in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Turtle Alert

Photo Illustration

Sri Lanka’s Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC), on Monday said it had launched an investigation after at least 10 dead turtles were washed ashore on the beaches of capital Colombo over the weekend, local media reported here Monday.

Concerns were raised after the carcasses of three turtles were found on the Mount Lavinia beach on Saturday while on Sunday five more dead turtles were found washed onto the Galle Face beach while another two were found in pretty much the same condition on the Wellawatte beach.

M.G.C. Sooriyabandara, Director General of the DWC, quoted in the local Daily Mirror said that a court order would be sought to obtain experts’ opinions to figure out the cause of events.

He further said thousands of turtles swim ashore on Sri Lankan beaches to lay eggs during the nesting season and it was common to find a few dead turtles after they get entangled in fishing nets.

However, he added that finding such a large number of carcasses will be investigated.

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Thousands of dead fish wash up on beach in Beirut, Lebanon

Fish Kill Alert

It’s a bewildering sight from the shore of Saint Simon beach in the suburb of Jnah in Beirut. Thousands of dead fish fill the sandy shoreline and lifelessly sway with the crashing waves.

Locals are alarmed by the sight, calling it an environmental disaster and urge the Ministry of Agriculture to take action to protect the livelihoods of fishermen and fisheries in Lebanon.

As for the reason why they washed ashore, that’s still uncertain. Could the water be toxic? Could they have washed ashore in the aftermath of the blast… two months later?

Expensive meat, rotten chicken, and now dead wasted fish… The people of Lebanon don’t seem to get a break.

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Hundreds of dead cattle due to drought and fires in Formosa, Argentina

Livestock Alert

The town of San Martín 2 is suffering the effects of the drought, in addition to human irresponsibility and strong winds.

The consequences: kilometers of burned fields were lamented, deaths of cattle and small livestock, as well as vehicles, fences and tools that were consumed by the fire.

The mayor of San Martín 2, Luis Rivero, from the Patiño department, commented that the fire that almost entered the downtown area could be contained thanks to the joint work between the police and the people.

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