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Kp Index is at level 5
Scale of G1


Power systems: weak power grid fluctuations can occur.
Spacecraft operations: minor impact on satellite operations possible.
Other systems: migratory animals are affected at this and higher levels

Kp Index NOAA 08.10.15 21.31 hrs UTC


Major storm to hit Prince Rupert, Haida Gwaii, Canada

Storm Alert

Batten down the hatches.
Environment Canada has issued an alert for the North Coast as remnants of Hurricane Oho are expected to hit coastal sections, taking a dead aim for Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii, over the long weekend.
What has been coined as an “atmospheric river”, meteorologists with Environment Canada are warning Prince Rupert can expect 200mm of rainfall (nearly eight inches) beginning today (Thursday, Oct. 8) and continuing until Sunday.
“A series of storms will take aim at the North and Central Coasts from today through Sunday night. A front will move across the region today with wet and windy conditions expected. From tonight into Friday stronger southeasterly winds and heavier rain are forecast as an intense storm develops from the remnants of hurricane Oho, as it races northward towards Haida Gwaii. Rain and wind warnings are now in effect for this storm. The storm will move north of the region by Friday evening.
In the wake of this storm a strong westerly flow will bring another disturbance to the Central Coast Saturday morning with yet another storm impacting the North Coast on Sunday. Computer models are estimating rainfall accumulations in the 100 to 200 mm range for the above mentioned areas from Friday through Sunday night,” Environment Canada said in a statement posted on their website at 4:58 p.m. on Thursday.
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Chemical Spill Sparks Alert at Southampton Docks, UK

Chemical Spill Alert

Southampton, Hampshire Thursday 8th October 2015 Firefighters in decontamination suits were called to a reported chemical spill at Dock Gate 20 in Southampton Docks, earlier today
At least six Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services emergency vehicles went to the scene, including specialist decontamination units.
A Hampshire Fire and Rescue Fire and Rescue spokesman said at the time:“We are attending a possible chemical spill within an area in the docks.
Several businesses in the area were evacuated while the spill, believed to have been from a container was tackled.
A Hampshire Police spokesman said: “Hampshire Police along with partner emergency services were called to the scene of a chemical spill in Herbert Walker Avenue within the Southampton Dock, this morning.
“The Fire Service have set up a precautionary cordon at the scene whilst they deal with the spill, and police officers are assisting them at the cordon.”
A spokeswoman from Pentavial said she was on the phone when the firefighters came in to evacuate them.
“They said it was a possible chemical leak,” she said.
“I saw three fire engines and a lorry cordoned off down the road. The firefighters were changing into their gear.
A spokesman for ABP said: “Two litres of the chemical Dimethylaminoethyl Acrylate leaked from a container as it was relocated in the Pentalver Yard in the Port of Southampton. The Fire Brigade was called as a precaution and has now left the scene.
“There were no injuries and no interruption to port operations.”
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Chemical Explosion erupts In Pasadena, California, USA

Chemical Explosion Alert

A “flash” fire, in which sudden ignition of flammable substances occurs, erupted at Schuetz Container Systems, located at 5000 Underwood Dr. in Pasadena Wednesday (Oct. 7) at around 8 p.m.
Police blocked off the street, and Pasadena and La Porte Fire and HAZMAT personnel evacuated about 30 employees. Two firefighters were taken to Bayshore Hospital to be decontaminated, as both were believed to have inhaled some of the chemical that ignited. They are expected to make a full recovery.
Schuetz Container Systems services and cleans large plastic containers that are used to transport chemicals.
According to Pasadena Fire Marshal David Brannon, something went wrong during the cleaning process, which resulted in an explosion caused by an undetermined chemical reaction.
No further injuries or dangers to the community were reported.
This is the second fire in Pasadena in five days. Last Friday four people were injured during an explosion and fire at a chemical plant.
The cause of that incident remains under investigation.
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Thousands ordered to evacuate as typhoon approaches Northern Japan

Emergency Evacuation Alert

Thousands of residents in northern Japan were ordered to evacuate Thursday as a powerful typhoon bore down on the island of Hokkaido, weather authorities and local media reported.
Local authorities issued evacuation orders for thousands of residents in Nemuro city on the coast and neighbouring areas, as Typhoon Choi-Wan approached from the east, the Hokkaido daily reported.
About 170 flights have been cancelled and scores of train services suspended, the paper said.
The season’s 23rd typhoon, still several hundred kilometres east of Japan, had maximum sustained winds of 108 kph and gusts of 162 kph, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.
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Subject To Change

Depth: 2 km

Distances: 271 km S of Saint Helier, Jersey / pop: 28,000 / local time: 20:02:52.5 2015-10-08
60 km SW of Nantes, France / pop: 277,269 / local time: 21:02:52.5 2015-10-08
41 km W of La Roche-sur-Yon, France / pop: 59,410 / local time: 21:02:52.5 2015-10-08
4 km W of Notre-Dame-de-Riez, France / pop: 1,771 / local time: 21:02:52.5 2015-10-08

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Subject To Change

Depth: 10 km

Distances: 36 km NE of Kathmandu, Nepal / pop: 1,442,271 / local time: 21:58:30.0 2015-10-08
408 km W of Thimphu, Bhutan / pop: 98,676 / local time: 22:13:30.0 2015-10-08
678 km NW of Dhaka, Bangladesh / pop: 10,356,500 / local time: 22:13:30.0 2015-10-08

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Subject To Change

Depth: 20 km

Distances: 3164 km NW of Vancouver, Canada / pop: 1,837,969 / local time: 17:05:54.4 2015-10-07
208 km SW of Unalaska, United States / pop: 4,376 / local time: 15:05:54.4 2015-10-07

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Subject To Change

Depth: 14 km

Distances: 62 km NE of Saint Helier, Jersey / pop: 28,000 / local time: 13:41:13.9 2015-10-08
2 km W of Tourlaville, France / pop: 18,273 / local time: 14:41:13.9 2015-10-08

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