Massive die off of fish in the waterways of Palm Beach County, Florida, USA

Fish Kill Alert

A possible fish kill is underway in the waterways leading into Palm Beach County. CBS12 photojournalists on the scene report the fish seemed to be gasping for oxygen as they died.
A 33-square mile algae bloom in Lake Okeechobee may be the reason for fish suffocating to death.
The algae created by pollution, reduces the amount of oxygen in the water and scientists believe that is what’s killing the fish in Palm Bay.
While these issues are not uncommon, people who live there say it’s the worst in 20 years.
The water way where the fish are dying, feeds into the Palm Beach County water system and could cause problems.
Fish kills usually happen later in the summer from the heat. Scientists say this kill could just be the beginning of a disastrous season.
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