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Hundreds of fish die in a lake in Bengaluru, India

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of fish have died in one of the oldest and most popular lakes of Bengaluru on Sunday morning. The lake, which covers an area of around 150 acres in the Northern part of Bengaluru, is a well known habitat for bird watching.
However, the fish kill was confirmed only on Monday morning by Environmentalist Vijay Nishanth who visited the spot. “Hundreds of fish have already been cleared but one can clearly spot more floating dead ones near the bottom which will emerge in a day or two.” “It could be because of the sewage that flows directly into the lake,” added Vijay.
Sewage inflow into lakes has been one of the major causes of fish kill that took place recently in other lakes of the city. A storm water drain runs adjacent to the lake and residents had been complaining of a constant stench and the sewage flow which again was clearly visible.
The lake is under the Lake Development Authority (LDA) that should be ideally look after the well-being of the lake. However, the lake was leased out to a private group in 2006 by the LDA for maintenance.
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Thousands of fish turning up dead along the coast of Catia La Mar in Venezuela

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of fish, called Chivo, are appearing dead on the shores of the west coast of the Coast, between Arrecife and La Zorra spring in Catia La Mar.
Edgard Moreno, spokesman for the National Front Fishermen said that the phenomenon is occurring for a week and affects the species that appeared a few months ago in the fishing post of La Zorra.
He explained that not know the cause of why die, if by lack of oxygen, pollution or by a warm front.
“Since the start of the plague, we have not sold this species in our socialist fishmonger, but around there are unscrupulous people who sell it to Bs 800, as they appear to the shore, many put collect it and offer it to the public” Moreno said.
He said that so far has not experienced health problems in the area when ingested, but made clear that not responsible for these furtive vendors who are distributing the fish become a street vendor.
The Ministry of Environment will make the relevant studies to rule it by the presence of pollutants.
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2 Humpback whales found dead on beaches in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Two humpback whales were found stranded dead on Monday in southern Santa Catarina. One on the beach of Balneario Rincón and another on the beach Ibiraquera (Imbituba). The strandings Protocol of Environmental Protection Area (APA) of the Baleia Franca / ICMBio and Beaches Monitoring Program of the Santos Basin (PMP-BS) were driven to meet occurrences.
On 27 teams moved up to Balneario Rincão to evaluate the male juvenile animal 7.80 meters long. On Saturday morning the teams joined forces to collect samples and seek to determine the cause of death of another young male 8.48 meters long. In both cases, interactions were not detected with fishing gear and / or collision with vessels, however, they had a body weakness and lack of stomach contents. Laboratory tests may improve the diagnosis of death more accurately.
The humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) is a species that migrate from Antarctica to the Brazilian northeast coast during winter and spring to breed. The occurrence of strandings of this species is not common in the APA region Whale, as the migration occurs from the coast, but in 2015 was registered an atypical occurrence of species strandings in southern Brazil.
Participated in this action the Baleia Franca Project, the University of the State of Santa Catarina / UDESC – Laguna and APA Baleia Franca / ICMBio. The teams had the support of the governments of Imbituba and Balneario Rincão through the Works Departments, Tourism and Environment for proper disposal of carcasses of animals.
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35,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Cameroon

Bird Flu

Cameroon’s government says that the H5N1 strain of the bird flu virus has reappeared in Cameroon after an 8-year absence.
Livestock minister Dr. Taiga said one person is hospitalized and Cameroon has reported the death of at least 15,000 birds since May 22. He said the country is taking measures to protect both people and birds from further contamination.
Taiga said that 20,000 birds at the affected Mvog Betsi poultry farm in the capital, Yaounde, will be killed.
He said Cameroon has dispatched veterinary staff to all regions of the country to check if there may be other cases and is urging its citizens to report suspected cases.
Poultry farms in Cameroon reported only several hundred deaths in 2008.
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Earthquake Swarm


***BE ALERT***


Subject To Change

Depth: 15 km

Distances: 100 km NW of Roma, Italy / pop: 2,563,241 / local time: 22:24:20.5 2016-05-30
57 km SW of Perugia, Italy / pop: 149,125 / local time: 22:24:20.5 2016-05-30
35 km N of Viterbo, Italy / pop: 59,308 / local time: 22:24:20.5 2016-05-30

Global viewRegional view


Subject To Change

Depth: 18 km

Distances: 77 km E of Castries, Saint Lucia / pop: 10,000 / local time: 14:55:21.5 2016-05-30
69 km NE of Dennery, Saint Lucia / pop: 2,870 / local time: 14:55:21.5 2016-05-30

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Subject To Change

Depth: 10 km

Distances: 59 km SE of Algiers, Algeria / pop: 1,977,663 / local time: 17:44:00.0 2016-05-30
22 km W of Aïn Bessem, Algeria / pop: 29,461 / local time: 17:44:00.0 2016-05-30

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