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100 TONS+ of fish die suddenly in fish ponds in Guangxi, China

More than one hundred thousand kilograms of fish died mysteriously eight farmers cried tears dry (Figure)

In the dead fish incident, Mr. Qin most costly, nearly 40,000 kilograms of fish a night “white belly”, let tears. Huang Yuan Communications / Chart

Upcoming over one hundred thousand kilograms of tilapia, carp suddenly died mysteriously in a single day, the direct economic losses of more than 160 million, so that eight farmers dew tears Liujiang County town of village into a group cried dry. After a preliminary examination fishery sector finds that a large area of ​​fish suddenly died due to acute poisoning. Currently, public security, environmental protection, fishery and other departments have been involved in the investigation.

Shining white piece of dead fish cages

March 27 at 1 pm, this reporter went to the village of dew overflow dam downstream. Not yet reached the scene, one dead fish smell and emit a foul odor blowing. Although the incident has been three days, but the ponds are still nearly 50,000 kilograms of dead fish have not finished cleaning up.

In the scene, more than 20 breeding cages eight farmers in the river next to the place, some farmers kept the dead fish in cages and throw on the shore – meter long shore roads, littered with dead fish, large and small, the air filled with the smell of fish and rancid.

Mr. Qin’s in the cage, because too many dead fish, five or six hundred square meters of surface densely piled dead fish on plastic mesh networking boxes have been dead stays up.

“25, 7:00 in the morning, I woke up after the discovery of fish cages inside scurrying around, less than half an hour to sink to the bottom turn belly.” Farmers Leung said that morning, most of the dead fish floating up, cage surface is covered. Leung domesticated more than ten thousand kilograms of fish almost died.

Later, the local town government carried away part of the deal with the dead fish as harmless, but the shore, there are a lot of dead fish in the ponds did not receive timely treatment. It is reported that college town into Liujiang County party committee, the Government set up a working group, sent 24-hour shift on-site duty, follow-up treatment to prevent dead fish into the market. The official said, they will be based on relevant policies, as far as possible in low-interest loans to help farmers, allowed to resume production as soon as possible, to reduce losses.

Losses suspect someone poisoned

Leung introduced, these fish are mainly tilapia and carp, they have been farming here 10 years. The trouble began last May these fish stocking, there has been an average of 1 kg weight, the biggest carp has nearly 10 kg, was going to take advantage of before Qingming market.

Fish in the end is how to die? This question, farmers say the death has been ruled a natural death and pollution, suspect that someone deliberately poisoned, “100 meters upstream of the village there are other fish that nothing happened, and no factories and other pollution sources nearby.” Mr. Qin said.

Tan said he has 10 years of fish in the area, it has never been a large area of ​​dead fish, but before the incident, they did not grudges with people, so was not sure why the person liable to poisoning.

Preliminary determination lineage acute poisoning deaths

After the incident, relevant departments Liujiang County Environmental Protection, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Bureau, the fishery station immediately arrived at the scene, and to take water samples and dead fish samples.

27 pm, Liujiang County Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Monitoring Team introduced, according to preliminary results of monitoring of water samples, the basic cause of dead fish can be excluded water quality impacts; Liujiang County fishery station samples were checked for dead fish, fish preliminary determination to exclude the death of a large area died a natural death and disease, the initial determination of acute poisoning.

Into a group in Liujiang County Public Security Bureau police station, relevant departments said they had on file for investigation.


5 Dolphins found dead during past 2 weeks off Beaufort County, S.Carolina, America

Two more dolphins have been found dead off Beaufort County.

Five dolphins have been found dead in Beaufort County since March17, The Beaufort Gazette reported.

Wayne McFee of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said one was found this weekend on Hilton Head Island and the other at Port Royal.

Employees from the South Carolina Marine Mammal Stranding Network were retrieving the animals Monday.

A bottlenose dolphin washed ashore March 17 on Hilton Head Island and died before marine biologists could reach it. That was an older male, and had a heart condition and probable pneumonia.

The second was spotted March 20 in the May River in Bluffton.

The third was in Fripp Inlet on March 22. It washed out to sea and biologists were unable to recover it, McFee said.

McFee said it is too early to tell if the dolphins had viruses or other diseases.

The cold and changing weather in the last few months could also be related to the deaths, he said.

Thousands of dead fish wash up along a canal in Illinois, America

A walk along the peaceful bike path off the Hennepin Canal in Milan, Illinois looks like something out of a horror film.

Thousands of dead fish have washed up on shore as of Sunday, March 30, 2014.

Believe it or not, Iowa Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Jeff Harrison says it’s normal.

“This happens after every winter. When we have so many days with cold temperatures, the snow covers the ice on these ponds and rivers. Sunlight then can’t penetrate into the water. That means oxygen is lacking for fish in the water,” Harrison said.

But Milan residents like Marilyn Lang say they have never seen anything like it before.

“We were just walking along the shoreline and we just seen all of these dead fish. I don’t know why they’re dead,” Lang said as she pointed to a pile of dead fish floating in the water.

Lang and her friend Matreka Nache, of East Moline, had planned a quiet day of fishing along the canal.  But, between the stench of dead fish and the sheer sight of thousands of fish floating belly up, their plans quickly changed.

“We were walking just under the bridge when we noticed this,” Nache said as she pointed at a huge fish floating off the shore.  A dead American paddlefish was pulled out of the water.  At nearly five feet long, it’s a rare sight in the Hennepin Canal.

“I have never seen one of these in the canal,” said local fisherman Pat Bundy.

It’s just another sign that, on this day, winter snagged the big catch.

Hundreds of dead fish found ‘due to pollution’ in Kshipra River, India

With the increasing pollution in holy Kshipra, its ecological system has got imbalanced. Fish which are considered the life of fresh water in rivers, lake and ponds were found dead at the banks of Kshipra on Saturday. Devotees were astonished to see hundreds of fish lying dead at the banks of Kshipra on Saturday morning.

Devotees could not take holy dip in the river as the dead fish created foul smell. Local administration needs should take necessary steps for cleanliness of holy river because its condition is worsening day by day. It was also told that in the name of alleged cleaning of the river high quantity of insecticide and disinfectants were added to the river water which may be a cause of death of fish.

Hundreds of dead fish continue to wash ashore in La Brea, Trinidad and Tobago

A La Brea resident holds up one of the many dead fish littering Coffee Beach, La Brea  yesterday.

As hundreds of dead fish continue to wash ashore along the La Brea coastline, residents of Coffee Beach have started complaining about suffering bouts of nausea and diarrhoea which they associate with the stench of rotted fish.

Residents say the dead fish — comprising mainly mullet, cavalli and other assorted fish — began washing ashore at the Coffee, Point Sable and Carrat Shed beaches about three weeks ago.

The problem was dramatically highlighted when environmental activist Gary Aboud and representatives from several fishing associations visited the St Clair offices of the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) bearing a quantity of dead fish and a dead pelican for testing .

The group also attempted to hand deliver a letter to EMA chairman Allan Bachan but were not allowed to enter the Authority’s compound.

When Sunday Newsday visited Coffee Beach yesterday, the stench of rotting fish which littered the sandy shoreline, permeated the atmosphere. Some of the dead fish had already been picked clean by vultures leaving only the head, tail and middle bone of the fish visible in the brown sand.

According to Coffee Beach resident, Anika Goodridge, the fish kill was the latest disaster to take place along the beach which was the site of a massive oil spill on December 17, 2013.

“Fish are coming ashore every day,” Goodridge said, “today I clear out a lot in my backyard, the smell is disgusting, and I have two babies so that is why I clear it out to kinda ease up de scent.”

Asked what effect the dead fish was having on her family, she said:

“Diarrhoea, me and my kids. The scent is always inside, always and you have to use air freshener or whatever you can find or just hope the sun doesn’t come out too hot because that is when the scent does really be unbearable.”

Goodridge said the last time residents had seen representatives from Petrotrin on the beach was over one month ago when they had informed the residents that the ambulance service had been halted following the closure of cleanup activities at the beach.

“We don’t see nothing, no people coming to see about the problem so we have to deal with the problem our self,” she added.

One fisherman, who requested anonymity, said the dead fish were usually washed ashore during high tide and were only visible at low tide.

“This thing preventing we from going back to fish because it not safe,” he said, alleging that the chemicals used during the oil-spill clean up were “so powerful that residents were also careful about going swimming in the sea.

“You could get a serious rash from this thing and we as fisherman suffering because no-one is saying if it is safe to go back into the water,”he said.

In a media release on Friday evening, Petrotrin said a team has been set up to investigate the cause of the fish kill and that samples of the dead fish had been sent to the UWI Veterinary School for testing and analysis.

“In the interest of transparency, Petrotrin had contracted an independent certified laboratory to conduct Water and Sediment Quality testing in La Brea Beaches,” the release said.

The area under study includes beaches in La Brea from Station Beach south along the coastline to Point Sable moving northward, up to the River Neg; and up to 2 kilometres seawards from the shoreline of each location,” Petrotrin said.

“Results of the water and sediment quality study showed that all parameters tested to date were within acceptable limits for heavy metals, temperature, PH levels, salinity, Dissolved Oxygen and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH).

“Based on the environmental monitoring reports, there are no contaminants identified (including hydrocarbons) in the marine and nearshore environments of La Brea,” Petrotrin said.

The company said it has contracted the independent laboratory to conduct a fish bioassay (autopsy) at the La Brea Beaches and that fish samples have been sent to an International Laboratory in the USA, one of the leading experts in forensic fish analysis.”

“We understand the concerns of the community and continue to monitor and evaluate the situation,” the company said.

3 Dolphins found washed up dead during past 4 days in Miaoli, Taiwan

CGA personnel bury the dolphin after it washed ashore in Miaoli, March 25. (Photo/CGA)

Taiwan’s Coast Guard Administration (CGA) said on Tuesday that it had found a third dead dolphin in four days on a beach in northern Taiwan’s Miaoli county.

CGA personnel who checked the dolphin after receiving a report from local residents, said it was a bottlenose dolphin around 2.5 meters long and weighing around 230 kilograms.

As the carcass had started to decompose, CGA officials buried it on the beach with the help of the Taiwan Cetacean Society.

The CGA discovered the other two dead dolphins in the county on March 21 and 23.

7,000 Birds killed due to outbreak of avian flu in Jessore, Bangladesh

Bird flu hits Jessore
Around 7,000 chickens infected with Avian Influenza, commonly known as bird flu, were culled at a government poultry farm in Jessore Thursday night. District Livestock Officer Abdur Razzak said they had informed the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police of Jessore after several birds at the farm died of the flu on Mar 24. Chickens, eggs, feed and medicines had been first tested in the farm laboratory. Some of the dead birds were later sent to the Central Disease Investigation Lab in Dhaka for more elaborate testing, he said. A report confirming avian influenza was received Wednesday, prompting the farm authorities to kill 6,868 chickens and destroy 1,882 eggs, 1,300 kg of feed and 19 kg of vitamins Thursday, according to a news agency.

Fish dying off, ‘some of them bleeding’ in a river in Divinopolis, Brazil

peixes mortos poluição itapecerica divinópolis (Foto: Reprodução/TV Integração)

Post Divinópolis the Itapecerica River has attracted the eyes of the population and biologists. However, this time the reason is not the beauty of the waters or species diversity, but the dead fish that have appeared since Monday (24). The situation worsened and the Military Police of the Environment (PMA) recorded the second police report (BO). According to police, the BO will be forwarded to agencies that can do the analysis of water, dead animals and indicate a possible solution to the problem.

According to biologist Marcio Ferreira Cleib, fingerlings, fish puppies are the ones that have suffered. Whole shoals upriver try and agonize in search of oxygen, some bleed. “Everything indicates that there is some kind of fungus that has caused injuries,” commented. The biologist also explained that the oxygen level is low because of the amount of nutrients from sewage dumped in the river. “The lack of rain is a problem for other fish,” he added.

The mototaxi driver Flavio Lima photographed not only the dead animals, but other recent problems. He recorded the water hyacinth which proliferated in the river and a white foam appeared on the surface of Itapecerica. He says it will withdraw from the neglect of the authorities. “If no one does anything without water we will stay up,” he complained.

Anyone following the longest river is also outraged. John Paul retired from God, who lives near the river for 53 years, said that the heart actually hurts to see the dead fish. “I’ve swam in Itapecerica. Previously we also saw fish, but live, up the bed, now I only see garbage, “he said.

Hundreds of dead fish found on a beach in North Jakarta, Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of dead fish found on a beach in North Jakarta, Indonesia

Thousands of fish ‘die suddenly’ in a river in Mempawah, Indonesia

Thousands of Dead Fish Suddenly Mempawah for Polluted River Water

Farmers pond fish, they complained the deaths of thousands of fish suddenly at River Mempawah , District Mempawah downstream.

Allegedly, the fish experience stress and disease at the same time due to contamination due to climate change, from dry to wet.

“This incident since Tuesday night. That Bang, we are tired vigil until midnight, but many who died suddenly. Water was brown,” said Syafrani (44) farmers cages, Wednesday (03/26/2014).

Syafrani said, the incident began at 18:00 pm, and began seriously before midnight.

According to him, these events are sudden and unexpected, so he has not been preparing preventive measures.

“The first one is attacked Thanks to the Cape region and according to the information due to changes in the river water,” he said.

According to him, the first symptom is the fish to the surface, like water for oxygen. Then not long, the fish is weak and eventually die.

He considered, the possibility has been increasingly polluted river water from upstream rivers, and pollution can be from many things. One of them heavy rainfall could also allow carry toxins from upstream to River Mempawah.