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More than 730 families affected by flood in Southern Negros Oriental, Philippines

Heavy rains on Friday (September 25) resulted in floods in several areas in southern Negros Occidental, affecting more than 730 families, according to the Provincial Disaster Management Team (PDMT).
Flood waters rose in Kabankalan, Binalbagan, Himamaylan, Ilog, Cauayan, and Isabela.
Thirty families composed of 131 individuals in Barangays 1 and Hilamonan in Kabankalan were evacuated, the PDMT reported.
According to Kabankalan Mayor Isidro Zayco, the flood hit low-lying areas of the city.
Meanwhile, according to Himamaylan Mayor Agustin Ernesto Bacson, around 700 families were affected by flooding in their area.
In Isabela town, 10 houses in eroded areas of Hacienda Osvalfina, Barangay Mabsablay, were destroyed and about 50 individuals were transferred to the houses of their relatives, the PDMT also reported.
Meanwhile, Cauayan town Vice Mayor Jerry Tabujara reported that there was flooding in Barangay Mambugsay in the town.
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Heavy Rains Flood Downtown San Jose, Costa Rica

Heavy rains were reported Friday afternoon in areas of downtown San Jose, La Sabana, Heredia, Moravia, Tibás, Guadalupe, Calle Blancos and Alajuela.
According to the national weather service, the Instituto Meteorolólogico Nacional (IMN), a cumulative 60 litres per square metre and higher in some places fell in specific points across the Central Valley.
In the area of downtown San Jose, on Avenida 2, past the Caja (CCSS), to the entrance to Barrio Chino (Chinatown) and several other areas were flooded when storm drains couldn’t handle the volume.
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Telica volcano belches gas, ashes and rocks in Nicaragua

Volcano Alert

The Telica volcano in northwestern Nicaragua belched gas, ashes and rocks Saturday in a series of blasts that raised fears of a full-on eruption, authorities said.
“Five explosions of medium intensity accompanied by a volcanic tremor were registered,” said First Lady Rosario Murillo, citing reports by the Nicaraguan Institute of Earth Studies.
Murillo, who is the government´s chief spokesperson, said the activity had raised concerns that a volcanic eruption may be in the offing.
“We had 25 minutes of anomalous activity,” she said, adding that experts were closely monitoring the activity.
Telica, which is 1,060 meters (3,478 feet) high, is located some 150 kilometers (93 miles) northwest of the capital Managua.
On Wednesday, the volcano sent up dense columns of ash after a series of explosions.
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Tsunami-like disaster imminent September 28 says former power minister, Prof. Chinedu Nebo


Former Power Minister, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, Saturday in Enugu said there was possibility of a tsunami-like disaster hitting the World on Monday, September 28.
He also alerted about what he called the “Four Blood Moons”, stating that when any of the moons appears, disaster of unimaginable magnitude like tsunami could occur.
Nebo, who made the revelation at a one-day seminar organised by the South-East chapter of a non-denominational organisation, Executive Network Great Commission Movement of Nigerian, ENGC, warned that a possible 3rd World War was in the offing.
He, however, said the impending war might not be fought with jet or atomic bombs but with what he called, “Electro Magnetic Power, EMP”.
The former Power Minister explained that the war, which would be targeted at National Power Grids, would cut off power supply, plunging nations into catastrophe and disasters.
He went further to explain that “when this occurs, there would be hunger and diseases of diverse nature that has never been witnessed before.”
Nebo posited that the impending war would be part of the signs of the end-time stressing that “we are in the last days”.
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Subject To Change

Depth: 30 km

Distances: 603 km NE of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea / pop: 283,733 / local time: 04:17:28.6 2015-09-27
188 km SE of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea / pop: 18,847 / local time: 04:17:28.6 2015-09-27

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Subject To Change

Depth: 525 km

Distances: 217 km S of Malingao, Philippines / pop: 1,121,974 / local time: 01:23:27.2 2015-09-27
170 km SW of Koronadal, Philippines / pop: 125,502 / local time: 01:23:27.2 2015-09-27
105 km SW of Malisbeng, Philippines / pop: 4,452 / local time: 01:23:27.2 2015-09-27

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Subject To Change

Depth: 25 km

Distances: 148 km N of Road Town, British Virgin Islands / pop: 8,449 / local time: 10:58:20.9 2015-09-26
170 km NE of Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands, U.S. / pop: 20,000 / local time: 10:58:20.9 2015-09-26
206 km NW of Marigot, Saint-Martin / pop: 5,700 / local time: 10:58:20.9 2015-09-26

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Subject To Change

Depth: 149 km

Distances: 61km (38mi) W of Havelu, Tonga
63km (39mi) W of Nuku`alofa, Tonga
694km (431mi) ESE of Suva, Fiji
736km (457mi) SE of Lambasa, Fiji
807km (501mi) ESE of Nadi, Fiji


Subject To Change

Depth: 30 km

Distances: 63 km NE of Road Town, British Virgin Islands / pop: 8,449 / local time: 10:14:36.5 2015-09-26
90 km NE of Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands, U.S. / pop: 20,000 / local time: 10:14:36.5 2015-09-26
161 km NW of Marigot, Saint-Martin / pop: 5,700 / local time: 10:14:36.5 2015-09-26

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Heatwave sweeps across San Diego County, USA

Heatwave Alert

An early-autumn heat wave that returned heat-wave conditions to the San Diego area are expected to remain unseasonably high through the weekend.
Saturday’s forecast calls for a high of 85 degrees today in much of San Diego, with daily high temperatures remaining in the 80s through early next week.
Friday afternoon temperatures under bright sunny skies topped out in the high 70s to mid-80s along the coast, low to mid-90s across the inland valleys, the low to high-80s in the mountains and as high as 106 in the deserts, according to the National Weather Service.
One back-country locale, Campo, tied its previous record Sept. 25 high of 100 degrees, last reached in 2001, the National Weather Service reported.
The remainder of the weekend promises more of the same, with fair skies and temperatures running 7 to 14 degrees above seasonal averages, forecasters said. In a boon for surfers and ocean swimmers, local sea-water temperatures also will be on the warm side, averaging at least 5 degrees above normal for early fall.
The dry, summery conditions will continue through next week, meteorologists advised.
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