Dozens of birds drop dead out of the sky in Hefei, China

March 16, Hefei public Wang beneath Huizhou Avenue viaduct and found dozens of dead birds lying in the road by a car rolling back and forth. Wang doubt, this is the Editor do?
Event: Recently, Hefei public Wang told reporters that when he drove by and Shuiyangjiang Huizhou Avenue Road junction, suddenly saw a group of birds fell from the sky, directly killed in the road. “Some birds also hit on my windscreen.” After Wang off, carefully check for a moment, nearly 30 birds landed on the ground. “Fall not fly, has died.”
March 16, reporters came to the intersection, there are a dozen dead birds found along the way, most of the smaller size of these birds, yellow-green plumage.
Subsequently, the reporter asked to clean the road in the vicinity of the health of sanitation workers, sanitation workers told reporters that he is still here at 10 o’clock in the morning cleaning, turn back after the circle, you see the ground there is a group of dead birds. “I was swept off a dozen dead birds on the road, there are many did not cleaned.”
Reporter help: Afterward, the reporter photographed the scene photos to the president of the Association of Anhui Province, Hou continued birding silver were identified. Continued silver Hou told reporters that these birds do Bulbul, is a common Hefei local birds, many activities in the hills or plains of bushes, lively personality. Are ornamental birds, the price is not high, about 10 yuan a look. As to why the focus on the road to die, silver Hou Xu said, traders may be some bird birds found dead birds in the transport process, dispose of some of the dead birds. But this is only a guess, the specific reasons unknown.
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