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Army deployed and alert due to the recent activity at Colima volcano in Mexico

Volcano Alert

Army deployed and alert due to the recent activity at Colima volcano in Mexico


Tropical cyclone forms in the Indian Ocean; It will reach Category 3

Cyclone Alert

A new tropical cyclone in the Indian Ocean is expected to reach severe category three strength but quickly lose steam again as it nears the WA coast.
Category one tropical Cyclone Quang formed about 2am on Wednesday in the Indian Ocean.
It has sustained winds near its centre of 75km/h with gusts to 100km/h and is located 910km north-northwest of Exmouth, moving west southwest at 15km/h.
The Bureau of Meteorology predicts the storm will intensify to category three as it turns southeast towards WA, but is expected to quickly weaken below cyclone strength as it nears the coast Friday afternoon.
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Two trains collide killing one in southeastern New Mexico, USA

Emergency Alert

A freight train struck another train head-on early Tuesday in southeastern New Mexico, killing one crew member on the moving train and injuring a second, a railroad official said.
The accident occurred about 6:20 a.m. on a siding — a short section of tracks alongside the main tracks — about 10 miles southeast of Roswell.
An executive of Carlsbad, New Mexico-based Southwestern Railroad’s parent company said both victims were Southwestern employees and moving a 79-car train that struck a parked 12-car train that was stationary on the siding and had no crew on board.
Jesse T. Coburn III, 48, of Texico, New Mexico, was pronounced dead at the scene, New Mexico State police said. They said another crew member whose name wasn’t immediately released was taken to Lubbock, Texas, for medical treatment and was listed in stable condition.
The crew of the moving train applied its brakes to try to stop, but other specifics of happened and what caused the accident weren’t immediately known and would the subject of a federal investigation, said Bruce Carswell, vice president of operations of The Western Group, an Ogden, Utah-based operator of several short-line railroads.
“There was some braking,” Carswell said. “We have only very preliminary information at this point.”
The National Transportation Safety said it was sending a team to investigate the accident. The Federal Railroad Administration also had personnel at the accident, Carswell said.
The NTSB team is headed by investigator Ted Turpin and includes NTSB Board Member Earl Weener, who will act as the team’s spokesman, the agency said in a statement. The agency plans to issue a preliminary report within 30 days, NTSB spokesman Peter Knudson said.
The crash resulted in the closure of State Route 2, also known as the Dexter Highway, but U.S. 285, a nearby larger highway, was not affected, Chaves County Sheriff Britt Snyder said.
The crash location was being treated as a hazardous materials site because of actual or potential spillage of an unknown amount of diesel fuel from the damaged locations, Armijo said. No evacuation was required, officials said.
The moving train’s 79 freight cars included 27 cars loaded with sand and 52 empties, while the parked train had two cars carrying molasses and 10 empties, Carswell said.
The two trains’ locomotives included ones belonging to Southwestern Railroad, Burlington Northern Santa Fe and a third company, he said.
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A plane had to make an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport, officials tell Action News.
The landing took place around 3:50 p.m. Tuesday.
Airport officials say an engine fire broke out on United Express Flight #4882, which originated from Raleigh-Durham and was headed to Newark, New Jersey.
The cause of the engine problem is not yet known.
The plane was diverted to Philadelphia and all 75 people on board were evacuated safely. The fire was extinguished.
One passenger with reported history of heart conditions was taken to a local hospital.
Airport officials say flight activity was suspended for a time, but operations have since resumed.
Passengers headed to Newark on Flight #4882 are being bused from PHL to Newark Airport.
Passengers traveling internationally that were headed to Newark are being re-routed via other airlines out of Philadelphia.
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Two Deadly landslides hits Salvador in north-east Brazil

Disaster Alert

At least 14 people were killed in landslides in the city of Salvador in north-east Brazil on Monday.
Heavy rains flooded streets and triggered two separate landslides, sweeping away hillside homes in poor neighbourhoods and injuring 10 people.
Firefighters are still searching for a number of missing.
Meteorologists said the rain was the heaviest in two decades, with more than half of the monthly average falling in the space of only 10 hours.
Seven people died in the neighbourhood of Barro Branco and another seven in Marotinho.
Patients also had to be evacuated from the Santo Antonio hospital in the city after it was flooded.
Landslides are not unusual at this time of year when heavy rains are frequent.
Barro Branco has been hit by landslides before. In 1996, 13 people died and 300 were left homeless.
Almost 1,000 people died in Rio de Janeiro state four years ago when whole hillsides collapsed after heavy rain.
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Subject To Change

Depth: 112 km

Distances: 10km (6mi) E of Palomares, Mexico
29km (18mi) NNE of Matias Romero, Mexico
63km (39mi) NNE of San Jeronimo Ixtepec, Mexico
75km (47mi) NNW of Union Hidalgo, Mexico
507km (315mi) ESE of Mexico City, Mexico

Map showing extent (w,s,e,n) = (-99.9699, 12.1419, -89.9699, 22.1419)

Massive landslide kills more than 50 in Afghanistan

Disaster Alert

More than 50 people are feared dead in a landslide in northern Afghanistan on Tuesday.
The deputy governor for Badakshan province, Gul Muhammad Bedar, told reporters that 90 homes in a village near Afghanistan’s border with Tajikistan have completely collapsed.
He said there were no accurate figures on casualties but the death toll was feared to be above 50.
He said a rescue operation led by district and provincial authorities is being hampered by a lack of resources and bad connectivity to the remote village.
Last year, a landslide in the area killed more than 2,500 and destroyed hundreds of homes.
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