NA plane makes emergency landing in Kuala Lumpur

Plane Emergency Landing

A Kathmandu -bound Nepal Airlines plane made an emergency landing at the Kuala Lumpur airport 45 minutes after the take-off following some some technical problems on Friday morning. Fifty-four people were onboard the Boeing 757 aircraft.

One of the passengers, Pravin Sapkota, said there were some unusual noise when the aircraft was flying.

According to the airlines station staff in Kuala Lumpur, the aircraft had been put into operation only three days ago after maintenance in Singapore. The official also said the passengers from the Nepal Airlines plane were later flown to Kathmandu in a Malaysia Airlines aircraft.

Meanwhile, two cabin crew and a passenger sustained injuries when a Buddha Air flight ATR-42 en route to Kathmandu from Bhairahawa hit air turbulence on Friday. Captain Sikhar Dhakal said the plane experienced a sudden change in altitude after it hit an ‘air pocket’.

Inclement weather affects flights

Flights along the Nepalgunj- Kathmandu route have been affected since the past two days, owing to bad weather.

On Thursday, a plane from Yeti Airlines that had left for Kathmandu from Ranjha Airport of Banke had to land in Bhairahawa due to inclement weather.

Similarly, a Buddha Air flight also returned to Ranjha Airport mid-journey to Kathmandu.

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