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600,000 chickens killed due to bird flu in Astrakhan, Russia

Bird Flu
On the poultry farm “Harabalinskom” in the Astrakhan region due to the bird flu outbreak destroyed all poultry stock -. 600 thousand, reported “Interfax” the press service of the Ministry of agriculture and fishing industry of the Astrakhan region.
“Destroyed all livestock – about 600 thousand birds This decision was taken at the request of the Rosselkhoznadzor This is a serious blow to the company and livestock in the region as a whole:… The factory gave half of all eggs produced in the Astrakhan region”, – said the representative office.
He said that in 2016 “Harabalinskom” produced 130 million eggs (in the whole region – 344 million).
“Factory carries huge losses At present, the complete cleaning of the enterprise is planned in the near future to buy new livestock, and in the first quarter of 2017 to resume production..”, – Said the representative of the Ministry.
He said that the damage to the company exceeded 240 million rubles.
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800,000 ducks killed due to bird flu in Southwest France

Bird Flu
France will scale back preventive slaughtering of ducks to counter bird flu after the culling of 800,000 birds this month helped slow the spread of the disease in the southwest, the country’s agriculture minister said on Thursday.
France resorted to a mass cull after the highly contagious H5N8 strain of bird flu started spreading among farms in the southwest, the country’s main production zone for the duck and goose liver speciality foie gras.
“We have passed the peak in preventive culling,” Stephane Le Foll told reporters. “We have zones where the situation has started to stabilize.”
The 800,000 birds culled preventively were in addition to about 1 million that died or were slaughtered at farms where the H5N8 virus was detected, he said.
France had confirmed 152 cases of H5N8 bird flu on farms as of Thursday, and is one of a number of European countries to have been affected by the virus since late last year.
The outbreak has exasperated farmers in southwest France who already experienced an epidemic of different bird flu strains a year ago, which led authorities to suspend foie gras production.
Le Foll pledged that remaining compensation due from last year’s crisis would be paid in April and that farmers hit again this year would start receiving from March further aid worth “several tens of millions of euros”, he said.
Last year’s compensation package was estimated at around 130 million euros, co-financed by France and the European Union.
The authorities and the foie gras industry would also study longer-term measures to reduce bird flu risks, including a rethink of the transporting of animals which has been blamed for spreading the disease in southwest France, Le Foll said.
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Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up on a beach in Kvarnakershamn, Sweden

Fish Kill Alert
Scores of DEAD FISH dead fish were discovered in early January on the beach in Kvarnåkershamn. “There were 10,000’s of dead fish.”, Says the county fish consultant Rolf Gydemo.
A week into January discovered Claes Nilsson and Håkan Mattsson large quantities of dead fish on the beach in Kvarnåkershamn.
– It was the most bullheads, but even the occasional flounder, some cod and a number of seaweed leaches. All those living close to the seabed, says Håkan Mattsson.
He says that they contacted the county fisheries consultant for answers on what may have happened.
The County Fish Commissioner Rolf Gydemo says that some 15 people got in on the dead fish, and shortly thereafter he himself was on site to take samples sent to the National Veterinary Institute.
– There were 10,000’s of dead fish, perhaps as many as 100,000, at a distance of a few kilometers, says Rolf Gydemo.
He notes that it is primarily Sculpins killing and eelpout that washed ashore, who lives near the seabed. He also saw gobies, flounder, sticklebacks, sand eels and occasional herring and sprat.
– Rötsimporna playing now and the males guard the rum. I think the hard southwesterly winds which were at and that at these depths was so much waves to fishermen lost their footing. It can also be combined with that came a plume of oxygen-poor waters affected.
The fact that many of the fishermen had wide-gap can prove the theory of hypoxia.
Rolf Gydemo do not think the fishermen affected by poisoning or disease, but samples have yet been sent to the National Veterinary Institute for analysis.
– It seems strange if they caught a virus or any disease, because it just happened right there, and in conjunction with hard pålandsvindar. There have been no reports from other areas if large quantities. It always floats ashore dead fish in winter, it’s nothing unusual. But we are grateful that we get reports from the public when there is mass death, says Rolf Gydemo.
He tells of a similar incident winter of 2014 when it was washed ashore a lot of fish in the eastern Gotland after a period of strong winds from the east.
– Where and outside Kvarnåkershamn the bottom is flat. When it is shallow waves built on and grows large before they reach land.
Although it deals with very many dead fishes hope Rolf Gydemo able to calm anxious Gotland.
– My assessment is that it is the weather, and this is no cracking stocks, not for these species.
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Mass death of wild birds due to bird flu around Lake Victoria, Uganda

Bird Flu
Since January 02, signs of bird flu were detected in Uganda where fishermen reported “mass death of wild birds” on the shores of Lake Victoria, near Entebbe, which lies near the capital Kampala. Burundi is on alert.
The director in charge of animal health in the Burundian ministry of agriculture and livestock, Mr. Nsanganiyumwami Déogratias says they are aware of the presence of the disease in East African Community since Monday 16th January 2017. “We held a meeting with the minister and competent experts to impose measures to protect people against any contamination”, he says.
“Uganda is not very far from Burundi and there are comings and goings of people and merchandises between the two countries. Our experts are working hard to adopt preventive measures against bird flu, which will be communicated soon”.
According to Nsanganiyumwami, it is not easy to recognize the disease when it has attacked birds. He, however, advises people especially farmers, to inform immediately veterinarians in case there is a dead chicken.
Bird flu also called avian flu/influenza is an infectious disease that spreads very fast among birds and can kill them. It can be transmitted to human beings, causing severe respiratory diseases that may result in death.
Its symptoms in humans can vary and range from “typical” flu symptoms (fever, sore throat, muscle pain) to eye infections and pneumonia. The disease caused by the H5N1 virus is a particularly severe form of pneumonia that leads to viral pneumonia and multiorgan failure in many people who become infected.
Bird flu was first diagnosed in China in 1990s and this is its first time to be detected in East Africa.
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3 whales have been found dead during past month in Nayarit, Mexico

There are already three whales that have lost their lives during this period of sighting on Nayarit coasts according to the reports of the Delegation of PROFEPA in the entity; The first occurred on December 27 in La Puntilla in the municipality of Tecuala, the next was on January 4 in Santiago Ixcuintla and the last cetacean died only 500 meters away where the death of the first animal was recorded in the Tecuala region on 10 January.
“The three whales that we have already, appeared dead on the beaches of Nayarit were perfectly checked and do not present something that indicates that they have died for any reason other than the natural one,” said Omar Canovas, delegate of PROFEPA in Nayarit.
The official explained that a specialist has been hired to investigate the death of whales in the Nayarit sea; According to one of the theories that were shared by the deaths of cetaceans, is related to the phenomenon of “La Niña” that could cause a disorientation in the animals, until they are stranded and lose their lives, however, not yet You can check this fact.
“We were talking with people specialized in this subject of the University of Sinaloa and the Technological University of Bahía de Banderas, and we are being stressed that we always keep in mind that right now in the sea is the ‘La Niña’ effect that sometimes We find unusual circumstances, it could be this, they did not give it as a reference does not mean that it has to be that, that’s why they are going to do studies. “
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28,000 hens dead due to bird flu in Southern Greece

Bird Flu
Greece reported an outbreak of the highly contagious H5N8 bird flu virus among laying hens on a farm in the southern part of the country, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said on Thursday, citing a report from the Greek farm ministry.
The country had already reported a case of H5N8 in a swan in December but this would be the first outbreak on a farm.
Some 28,000 hens died of the virus, the report said.
The H5N8 Bird flu virus has spread among European countries in recent months with more than 20 countries hit so far, according to the OIE.
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